Banana and Chocolate Cake

Dense and sweet, toast for a next level experience. 

£2.00 per slice/ £8.00 per loaf 

Vegan Chocolate Beetroot Cake 

Soft, sticky and satisfying, a favourite with non-vegans too. 

£2.00 per slice/ £8.00 per loaf

pear and Rye

A dense, wholesome rye-based sponge with juicy chunks of pear. Perfect for a fast breakfast. 

£2.00 per slice/ £8.00 per loaf

british rail ginger

Inspired by the recipe from the original British Rail cake selection, this spicy, soft chunk of cake is perfect with a creamy cuppa. 

£2.00 per square. 

fresh fruit friands

A delicate, wheat free bite made with ground almonds and juicy berries.  

£2.20 each


Topped with pecan, salted caramel, or sour cherry and cheesecake. 


Raspberry and Hazelnut Blondies

They are too as good as brownies!



You got that muffin feeling? Available in a variety of flavours determined by our daily mood. 



Rainbow sprinkle vanilla sugar cookie, oatmeal raisin and, if you're lucky enough to catch them, chocolate chip


sticky lemon bar

A square of luscious lemon curd in a sweet biscuit base. 


baked vanilla cheesecake

A creamy, New York style baked cheesecake with a buttery biscuit base. 


Carrot cake

An individual bar of the fruity classic, toped with cream cheese icing. 



Regular varieties include lemon meringue, chocolate ganache, and fresh fruit. 


frangipane tarts

A classic almond tart with a daily variation of seasonal fruit topping. 


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