Classic butter croissant.


Pain au chocolat

A hefty handful of pastry and dark chocolate


Pain au raisin

A pinwheel of croissant dough with layers of creme patissiere and soft sultanas. Often overlooked, criminally. 


Almond Croissant

Our classic butter croissant generously filled with frangipane creme patissiere.


Cinnamon bun

A soft, buttery dough infused with cardamom surrounds a rich seam of cinnamon sugar.


Fruit Danish

Flaky nests of croissant dough filled with creme patissiere and juicy seasonal fruits.


Pasteis De Nata

A portuguese custard tart with a cinnamon puff pastry case and citrus-infused custard.



Bacon and Gruyere Fold

Block and Bottle bacon and gruyere cheese sauce wrapped in croissant pastry.


Mushroom and Brie Parcel

Roasted mushrooms and a chunk of brie in a croissant pastry parcel. Vegetarian.


Caramelised Onion and Goats' Cheese Savoury 

Sweet and sticky onions with a touch of thyme, topped with a slice of goats' cheese. Vegetarian.


Rosemary and Pancetta Sausage Roll

A hefty, flavoursome and satisfying snack. 


Doddington's Cheese and Roast Onion Pasty

Flaky puff pastry and a soft tangy filling, headed straight for that sweet spot in your hungry belly. Vegetarian


Beef and Jalapeno Pie

A cannonball of lightly spiced beef and jalapeno peppers wrapped in flaky pastry.


nacho pie

An individual portion of bean chilli in it's own pastry case, topped with cheddar, jalapenos and toasted nachos. Vegetarian.


vegan miso roll

A satisfying mix of nuts, mushrooms, onion, breadcrumb flavoured with miso and wrapped in vegan puff. Did we mention that it's vegan.


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